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The Bridge Between Music, Art and Architecture

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A True New York City Story:

This publication is a New York story based on real events. The location is New York Harbor and the activities of a bohemian sailboat scene from the 1970’s to the present time. The characters’ activities span the world of music, art and architecture. Their interaction and creative process are well referenced and depicted. Over three decades of developments are described by rhythmic text, chronological photos and fine illustrations. The end results connect the reader to the sources of creativity that produced a viable bridge between music, art and architecture. All inspired with creative communication being the only impetus. The songs in concert with the glowing illustrative art of the included exclusive pyramid booklets will capture the readers’ eyes with provocative visions and fill their ears with lyrical melodies. The architectural designs developed concurrently with the art and music serve the purpose of assisting people who have little or no hope. The well documented information will lead the reader to thoughtful solutions with a continuity of purpose for water, vocation and housing problems world wide.

"This kind of reading experience that is one that is as thoughtful and thought-provoking as it is solidly entertaining. Very highly recommended for personal collections, "Bridge Between Music, Art & Architecture: Boxed Set" includes a paperback edition of the book, 2 Pyramid Books ('Sol-Ra' and 'Returning Origin') & 2 CD (featuring 18 songs).

Julie Summers


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Book Excerpt (.pdf)

Song List

CD 1: Returning Origin
01. Returning Origins Narrative / 02. Come On / 03. Out Here on the Road / 04. Pedestal People / 05. I Belong with You / 06. Waterfall / 07. Life / 08. While I was Working / 09. Roadman / 10. Guarding Sheep / 11. Returning Origins

CD 2: Sol-Ra
01. Sol-Ra / 02. Mysterious Star / 03. Sundays Moon / 04. Through Children's Eyes / 05. Be Bop Opera (Won’t You Believe in Love) / 06. Hold On / 07. Aquarian Women / 08. Touch Me I'm Your Wand / 09. Nova



The Bridge Between Music, Art and Architecture
This publication is a New York story...
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The Mysterious Mythology of the Metamorphosis
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